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Product Designer

SJ Zhang Compound

SJ is a designer, developer based in Brooklyn. Before tech, he dabbled in Fashion.

Chief Brand Officer

Rebecca Shostak Flodesk

Rebecca Shostak is the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Flodesk — a simple, intuitive software platform …

Product Designer

Nikolas Klein he/him Figma

Nikolas 'Niko' Klein, a product designer at Figma since '18. Focuses on Prototyping with contributions to Smart …

Product Designer

Linus Rogge he/him Studio Lenzing

Linus is a considerate minimalist who cares about details and a lot about people. He appreciates profound …

Product Designer

Daniel Beere

Daniel Beere is the founding designer at June, a product analytics tool. Before joining June, he was at CircleCI. In …

Product Designer

Nicholas Christowitz he/him Freelance

Berlin-based, Johannesburg-raised designer, gamer, cat dad, runner, and recovering entrepreneur.

Design Director

Aaron Weyenberg Endeavor

Aaron is a product design director by day and 3D artist by moonlight. Based in Brooklyn, NY.

Head of Design

Michal Simkovic Around

Michal Simkovic (musho) is a Slovak–American digital designer. He led design at multiple Y Combinator companies. …

Product Designer

Francesco Cutolo He/Him Wolt

Born in Pompeii but in love with nordic culture since a young age, Francesco Cutolo jumped into the design system space …

Product Designer

Katie Langerman she/her GitHub

Katie is a Systems Designer interested in design systems, front-end development and interface design.

Creative Director

Casey Martin him/his Play

Casey Martin is the Founder and Executive Creative Director of Play, a branding and design studio working with the …

Creative Director

Jürgen Hassler He/Him MAD

Jürgen Hassler is a Berlin-based co-founder and creative director at MAD, specializing in brand and product design.

Product Designer

Muhammad Elmelegy He / Him Personio

I'm an Egyptian Product Designer, Builder, and Entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany, and I have been crafting software …

Brand Designer

Pooja Jadav Stark and Freelance

Pooja is a Product Illustrator, Visual Designer, and Art Director and currently working remotely from Berlin.

Product Designer

Michael Riddering Maven

"Ridd" is the founding designer at Maven and the creator of Dive. He also has a course called Figma Academy where he …