8 Interviews

Frontend Developer

Valerie Fuchs WeTransfer

Valerie Fuchs is a Software Developer at WeTransfer and Snacksplainer at Cafe Robot, the first non-awkward Computer …

Graphic Designer

Jordan Egstad Freelance

Jordan Egstad is a graphic designer and web developer creating expressive and enduring brand identities, websites, …

Frontend Developer

Romain Avalle Freelance

Passionate interactive developer based in Amsterdam. I have been working in the industry for the last 15 years, from …

Frontend Developer

Tatiana Mac Freelance

Tatiana is an anti-disciplinarian designer who (pre-pandemic) spent most of the year away from home, working from cafés …

Frontend Developer

Neil Pullman Grow

Creative developer based in Norfolk, Va. Making weird things with weird code.

Product Designer

Catherine Bui GitHub

Web designer and developer hanging out in Berkeley, California with a love for nature, and good Vietnamese food.

Frontend Developer

Devine Lu Linvega XXIIVV

Operating under the Neauoire moniker, Devine is a polymath working on a series of experimental tools and applications …

Service Designer

Sawyer Hollenshead Nava

Sawyer is a U.S. based Service Designer & Frontend Developer, who is currently working with state and federal …