34 Interviews

Graphic Designer

Sania Saleh Freelance

An experienced designer + director in London helping clients shape meaningful products, brands, and processes.

Graphic Designer

Annette Wong she/her Freelance

A Canadian-born designer living in Queens, New York. I was a lead designer at Vimeo until recently moving into …

Graphic Designer

James Musgrave He/Him XXIX

James Musgrave is British designer based in Lisbon working with creative studio XXIX across brand, product and …

Graphic Designer

Shu-Yu Hsiao She/Her Google Creative Lab

Shu is a multidisciplinary designer from Taiwan based in New York City. She works with diverse mediums to create …

Art Director

Gemma Estadella Colomé Freelance

Freelance Art Director, Graphic Designer & photographer from Barcelona. She works on a varied range of projects, …

Graphic Designer

Dan Smith Both

Designer and co-founder of Both.

Art Director

Fabrizio Morra Freelance

Fabrizio Morra is an Italian designer specialized in Art Direction, Visual Design and Illustration working between …

Graphic Designer

Josefina Hernalz Un Barco

Buenos Aires based graphic designer. Co-founder of Un Barco, design studio specialized in visual identity, branding and …

Graphic Designer

Alishka Shah she/her Samsung Research

Alishka is a visual communication designer and researcher from India. She graduated from the National Institute of …

Graphic Designer

Lais Ikoma Polar, Ltda.

Lais is a Brazilian graphic designer and creative director. She co-founded and runs Polar, Ltda., a design studio based …

Graphic Designer

Tomás F. Treviño Un Barco

Tomás is a graphic designer, co-founder of Un Barco, an independent design studio based in Buenos Aires working …

Graphic Designer

Veerle Pieters Duoh!

Graphic/web designer based in Deinze, Belgium who has been blogging since 2003. Starting in ‘92 as a freelance graphic …

Motion Designer

Naufalrel Pandu Freelance

Motion and graphic designer based in Indonesia. Focusing on the intersection between motion and typography. Combining …

Graphic Designer

Romain Tronchin Freelance

Romain Tronchin is a graphic and type designer based in Geneva. His work focuses mainly on visual identity, custom type …


June Mineyama-Smithson Freelance

MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson) is a London-based Japanese artist/graphic designer on a mission to spread optimism. …