Product Designers
Product Designer

Ari Sawyers Facebook

Product designer based in London. Music, fashion, photography, and fresh coconut water enthusiast.

Product Designer

Nicolas Prieto Sketch

Nicolás is a Product Designer from Argentina, working at Sketch. He's shaping the design tool where the best projects …

Product Designer

Helen Tran Shopify

Toronto-based product designer and hobbyist writer. She writes about the tech industry and surviving life as a creative …

Product Designer

Min-sang Choi Google

Interaction designer based in Tokyo, focusing on Search Journey in Google iOS App. Previously worked on Google …

Product Designer

Andy Vitale Polaris Industries

Experience Director/Designer in the Twin Cities. He builds design teams and solves complex problems by translating …

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Design Directors
Design Director

Joseph Lebus Porto Rocha

Joseph is a Design Lead at New-York based creative agency, Porto Rocha. He studied French and Spanish at University, …

Design Director

Guillaume Azadian Freelance

Hands-on Design Director working with agencies and brands on memorable digital projects, with a love for motion and …

Design Director

Aaron Weyenberg Endeavor

Aaron is a product design director by day and 3D artist by moonlight. Based in Brooklyn, NY.

Design Director

Sebastian Speier Nike

Sebastian is a Design Director at Nike. Currently, he is working on the Snkrs app amongst other Nike Digital products.

Design Director

Ry Magno Contra

Ry is a Filipino designer helping shape the future of flexible work.

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Creative Directors
Creative Director

Rina Miele Freelance

Creative Director and designer, living in the forest in New York. Sometimes she shoots photos of birds. No BS. Work …

Creative Director

Leon Ephraim Yummygum

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Amsterdam based design agency Yummygum with an eye for detail.

Creative Director

Aaron Poe Square

Multidisciplinary creative director and designer of brand identity systems. Architecture enthusiast. Born in LA. Reborn …

Creative Director

Emunah Winer Nihilo

Emunah Winer, Creative Director of visual design at Nihilo, specializes in brand identity, systems, and brand …

Design Director

Alice Mourou .Oddity Studio

Alice is the founder and creative director at .Oddity Studio, known for thoroughly conceptualised designs

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Digital Designers
Digital Designer

Pieter van Est Freelance

A freelance digital designer with a focus on Branding & Visual Design

Digital Designer

Darshan Gajara GraphCMS & Product Disrupt

Product designer & maker living in Berlin. Darshan currently heads design at GraphCMS and …

Digital Designer

Alicia Blázquez She / Her Saffron Brand Consultants

Alicia Blázquez is a Senior Digital Designer passionate about bridging the gap between branding and digital to boost …

Digital Designer

Marvin Schwaibold Squarespace

I'm a senior designer at Squarespace working with the concepts team. I focus on interactive driven solutions and try to …

Digital Designer

Luke Dillon Freelance

I'm a 3D artist from Dublin, Ireland.

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Graphic Designers
Graphic Designer

Veerle Pieters Duoh!

Graphic/web designer based in Deinze, Belgium who has been blogging since 2003. Starting in ‘92 as a freelance graphic …

Graphic Designer

Dan Smith Both

Designer and co-founder of Both.


Giulia Zoavo Freelance

Giulia Zoavo is an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer. Inspired by urban life, diversity and pop …

Graphic Designer

Jordan Egstad Freelance

Jordan Egstad is a graphic designer and web developer creating expressive and enduring brand identities, websites, …

Graphic Designer

Kieron Lewis Freelance

Kieron Lewis is a south London-bred, freelance graphic designer and public speaker.

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Brand Designers
Product Designer

Lu Yu Semplice

A product and brand designer raised in China, Lu lives and works in Berlin by way of Melbourne and Istanbul. She is …

Brand Designer

Mel Haasch Slack

Human being, artist, and designer, in that order. They art-direct and design in ways that educate and highlight the …

Brand Designer

Joseph Hillenbrand The Sasha Group

Joseph is a Minneapolis based graphic designer striving to find the balance between simplicity and storytelling. He …

Brand Designer

Pooja Jadav Stark and Freelance

Pooja is a Product Illustrator, Visual Designer, and Art Director and currently working remotely from Berlin.

Brand Designer

Darian Newman Dropbox

San Francisco based designer currently bridging the Brand Studio and Design Systems teams at Dropbox.

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Sara Ciprandi Freelance

Sara Ciprandi is a freelance illustrator based in Milan, specialized in editorial illustration for blogs, magazines and …


Frederique Matti Freelance

Frederique Matti is a Dutch freelance illustrator that got obsessed with painting. At the moment she's painting and …


Ryan Putnam Freelance

Ryan Putnam is an illustration designer and potter. His goal is to combine craft functionality with fine art integrity …


Iain Macarthur Freelance

Iain Macarthur is a freelance Illustrator based in London, England. His work explores plays around with colour, detail …


Simone Noronha Freelance

Simone is an editorial illustrator and art director based in New York. She’s worked with The New York Times, WIRED, …

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UX Designers
UX Designer

Jolanta Gil Maze

Jolanta is a Lead UX designer based in Krakow and is currently building Maze, a rapid testing platform for product and …

UX Designer

Will Rodenbough He/Him Avalara

Will is a Senior UX Designer on the Design System team at Avalara.

UX Designer

David Bailey BBC

Based in the UK, David is the BBC's UX Principal for Visual Design and Branding. Beginning his career at the renowned …

UX Designer

Lilian Tellez PayPal

Lilian is a Mexican UX Designer who loves tea and great stories. Driven by curiosity and purpose, she makes ideas …

UX Designer

Devanta Ebison Hero Digital

Devanta Ebison is a Senior UX Designer based in North Carolina. He's currently working remotely at Hero Digital, where …

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Art Directors
Art Director

Surya Prasetya SPGD

Surya is the Art Director at SPGD, a graphic design and visual communication studio based in Melbourne.

Art Director

Zhenya Rynzhuk Synchronized Studio

Zhenya is a Ukrainian born award-winning art director and co-founder of a full-service creative studio Synchronized, …

Art Director

Denis Kovalev Revolut

Art Director at Sgustok Studio. Record Producer at Sgustok Music. Editor in Chief at Sgustok Magazine. Currently based …

Art Director

Fabio Biesel Studio Fabio Biesel (Fabio Biesel GmbH)

Fabio Biesel is an Art Director and founder at Studio Fabio Biesel and also founder of SFB-FONTS. Instagram: …

Product Designer

Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch Petal

Maxwell is a designer, illustrator, and art director based in New York. His work has been recognized by Computer Arts, …

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Frontend Developers
Frontend Developer

Tatiana Mac Freelance

Tatiana is an anti-disciplinarian designer who (pre-pandemic) spent most of the year away from home, working from cafés …

Frontend Developer

Neil Pullman Grow

Creative developer based in Norfolk, Va. Making weird things with weird code.

Frontend Developer

Romain Avalle Freelance

Passionate interactive developer based in Amsterdam. I have been working in the industry for the last 15 years, from …

Frontend Developer

Valerie Fuchs WeTransfer

Valerie Fuchs is a Software Developer at WeTransfer and Snacksplainer at Cafe Robot, the first non-awkward Computer …

Graphic Designer

Jordan Egstad Freelance

Jordan Egstad is a graphic designer and web developer creating expressive and enduring brand identities, websites, …

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Type Designers
Type Designer

Luzi Gantenbein Luzi Type

Luzi grew up in the Swiss Alps, runs his typefoundry and designs typefaces.

Type Designer

Morgane Vantorre Freelance

Morgane Vantorre is a freelance type designer and graphic designer based in Paris. Passionate about the materiality of …

Type Designer

Daniel Quisek Displaay

Younger half at Displaay type-foundry. Primarily manages and designs custom projects, but sometimes works on retail …

Type Designer

Jesse Ragan XYZ Type

Jesse Ragan designs a broad range of typefaces for XYZ Type, which he and Ben Kiel launched in 2017. Beyond making …

Type Designer

Martin Vácha Displaay Type Foundry

Prague based Type-designer & Design-director in Displaay Type Foundry, formerly Graphic-designer.

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Freelancer Designers
Product Designer

Nicholas Christowitz he/him Freelance

Berlin-based, Johannesburg-raised designer, gamer, cat dad, runner, and recovering entrepreneur.

Product Designer

Brandon Forant He/Him Freelance

Brandon Forant is a product design leader that collaborates with founders and teams to create new digital experiences, …

Graphic Designer

Sania Saleh Freelance

An experienced designer + director in London helping clients shape meaningful products, brands, and processes.

Graphic Designer

Annette Wong she/her Freelance

A Canadian-born designer living in Queens, New York. I was a lead designer at Vimeo until recently moving into …

Product Designer

Tommy Mason Him/His Freelance

Tommy is a Senior Product Designer Contractor who works on the likes of Tripadvisor to help design user-centric …

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