Interviews with women who design.
Design Director

Laura Meseguer Freelance

Laura Meseguer is a freelance designer, typographer and type designer. Her activity is developed in the field of …


Frederique Matti Freelance

Frederique Matti is a Dutch freelance illustrator that got obsessed with painting. At the moment she's painting and …


Nina Cosford Freelance

Nina Cosford is a freelance illustrator based in Hastings, UK. She was recently named one of the Top 20 Female …

Product Designer

Natalie Cheng MECCA Brands

UI Design Lead and mum of two in Melbourne, Australia. Energetic and passionate in designing functional, beautiful …

Creative Director

Rejane Dal Bello Studio Rejane Dal Bello

We are a design studio, creating work that is meaningful, engaging and lasting. Everything we work on – a new brand, a …

UX Designer

Elena Liakou

Visual & UX/UI Designer based in LA, passionate about creating digital experiences that impact people's lives. …

Product Designer

Jen Pomphrey Byta

Jen is Cofounder and Head of Product at Byta, a platform that enables secure sending and receiving digital audio. …

Product Designer

Diamond Ho Facebook Reality Labs

I am a designer by day, boba connoisseur by heart. A homebody with a travel bug who prefers animals over people.

Product Designer

Steph Jeong Twitter

A designer who specializes in digital product design, but dabbles in all things creative. Based in Brooklyn, NY. A …

Product Designer

Minjun Chen Amazon

Minjun is a product designer based in Seattle, WA. She is passionate about designing at the intersection between the …

Creative Director

Erin Horner Contra

Erin is a designer focused on reimagining the future of work, and building a career around the life you want.

Product Designer

Noelle Hoffman Contra

Noelle is an independent designer specialized in product design and brand identity. Beyond design, she's passionate …

Graphic Designer

Tatiana Egoshina Readymag

Everywhere-based multimedia designer. Makes simple bright-coloured shapes & typography for Readymag and other cool …

Creative Director

Daina Lightfoot Abstract

Canadian designer and creative director, based in Denver, CO. Outside of design she enjoys snowboarding, weightlifting, …

Product Designer

Kim Baschet Freelance

Kim Baschet is a french Digital Designer working worldwide. She creates websites, applications, and experiences for …

Product Designer

Caitlin Goodale Drest

Caitlin is the Head of UI/UX Design at Drest, creating the world's first luxury styling game! She specialises in …

Product Designer

Vic Nikitina GitHub

Vic is a self-taught designer with a focus on product design and design infrastructure. As an immigrant designer with a …


Simone Noronha Freelance

Simone is an editorial illustrator and art director based in New York. She’s worked with The New York Times, WIRED, …

Frontend Developer

Tatiana Mac Freelance

Tatiana is an anti-disciplinarian designer who (pre-pandemic) spent most of the year away from home, working from cafés …

Product Designer

Hyam Fayed Macro

Hyam is the Design and Community Lead at Macro, working remotely from San Francisco, California. Passionate about …

Creative Director

Ksenya Samarskaya Samarskaya & Partners

Ksenya is a creative practitioner and type designer, committed to integrated practices and to the process of unlearning.

Product Designer

Jessica Helfand Design Observer

Paris and NYC raised, Jessica is a 2013 AIGA medalist and the founding editor of Design Observer. She has studied and …

Product Designer

Risa Hiyama Mothership

Risa is a Japanese Product Designer raised in 7 cities, now living in Los Angeles, California. Her diverse background …

Product Designer

Lucie Bajgartova Freelance

Lucie is a freelance multidisciplinary designer based in Prague. She's fan of Paula Scher and Beyoncé, and aims to be …

Product Designer

Lu Godoy Federal Government

Lu is an Argentinian product designer creating the Federal Government's first Service Design team. She is passionate …

Creative Director

Mariana Luna Freelance

Mariana is a Mexican designer who is passionate about new technologies that enrich the way humans experience the world. …

UX Designer

Jolanta Gil Maze

Jolanta is a Lead UX designer based in Krakow and is currently building Maze, a rapid testing platform for product and …

UX Designer

Karen Ko Adobe

Karen is a UX Designer based in San Francisco and is currently working at Adobe for the Creative Cloud team. In her …

Product Designer

Laura Escobar Ravn

Laura is a product designer and digital illustrator who is challenge driven, advocates for quality, and strives to …

UX Designer

Sara Amato Forbes Media

Sara is a UX Designer residing in the East Coast with a love for design, typography, and coffee.

Product Designer

Michelle Morrison Dropbox

Michelle is a design program manager at Dropbox, where she has a strict policy of only working on fun projects and is a …

Motion Designer

Gloria Ciceri Blinkist

Berlin-based Motion Graphic Designer and Illustrator creating colourful animations and who enjoys cycling in her free …

UX Designer

Lilian Tellez PayPal

Lilian is a Mexican UX Designer who loves tea and great stories. Driven by curiosity and purpose, she makes ideas …

Product Designer

Lu Yu Semplice

A product and brand designer raised in China, Lu lives and works in Berlin by way of Melbourne and Istanbul. She is …

Product Designer

Malin Elisabeth Lindberg Try Apt AS

Malin is a Norwegian multidisciplinary designer who loves to draw. Currently working at Try Apt in Oslo.

Product Designer

Coleen Baik Independent

Independent product designer and visual artist based in New York City.

Product Designer

Olia Gozha Freelancer

A designer somewhere at the intersection of design, programming and product thinking based in Lviv, Ukraine. Always …

Product Designer

Haena Claire Shin ProtoPie

Product designer based in Seoul, helping designers to create their ideas come into life at ProtoPie. Loves to wander in …

Graphic Designer

Julia Hoffmann EF

Graphic Designer, mother of three, living in Switzerland. Not afraid of moving around and embracing change. Currently …

Product Designer

Sindy Ethel Hello Monday

Mexican interactive designer in love with illustration and typography, currently working at Hello Monday in New York.

Creative Director

Chelsea Flaming Oui Will

Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Oui Will, a holistic digital agency based in San Diego and Paris. Chelsea …

Product Designer

Elba Ornelas Wizeline

Elba is currently designing awesome internal products for Wizeline and delightful client-facing experiences. She’s also …

Product Designer

Elsie Ng Ripple

Product Designer from Toronto, working at Ripple in San Francisco. Loves bouldering and collecting old, obscure, retro …

Product Designer

Jaycee Day Freelancer

A Berlin-based Freelance Product Designer and mental health advocate obsessed with user testing.

Creative Director

Olga Shevchenko Vintage Web Production

Creative Director based in Kiev, super mom, a judge at Awwwards and The Webby Awards, truly design evangelist.

Product Designer

Elise Santangelo DesignStudio

Elise is an Australian/American designer based in London, working as a Design Director at DesignStudio. She spends most …

Creative Director

Catherine Marois Akufen

Creative Director based in Montreal specialized in creating online interactive experiences that have strong visual …


Ani Harutyunyan Parkinson animation studio

Illustrator from Armenia creating unique works on her style. A person who is always in search of discovering new and …

Product Designer

Bushra Mahmood Unity Technologies

Product designer based in San Francisco, working on the future of content authoring tools in 3D and spatial computing.

Product Designer

Aaina Sharma Unmind

Aaina is a product designer based in London via San Francisco, currently heading up design at Unmind. Her passion lies …

Product Designer

Tania Lili Genius

Tania is a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City based in Brooklyn. Currently leading the Design Team at Genius.

Product Designer

Rikke Hindborg Hello Monday

Designer from Aarhus - with a great care for details and strong sense of typography she is creating big digital ideas …

Product Designer

Jenny Wen Dropbox

San Francisco-based product designer. Currently obsessed with: public transit, reading challenges, and photojournalism.

Product Designer

Andrea Limjoco Spotify

Andrea is a Product Design Lead at Spotify. Now, she is helping bring your favourite podcasts to the world of music. …

Product Designer

Maria Shanina Shopify

Maria is a designer currently working at Shopify. She blends practical and academic knowledge in design and constantly …

Brand Designer

Natalie Schoch Gusto

Natalie is a San Francisco-based brand designer passionate about branding, art direction, and visual storytelling. …

Product Designer

Jessica Harllee Etsy

Jessica is a Staff Product Designer at Etsy in Brooklyn where she builds tools for sellers. She is always crafting, …

Motion Designer

Lana Simanenkova Animade

Animator and motion designer from Estonia. Currently a Senior Creative at Animade, a characterful studio based in …

Product Designer

Helen Holmes Your Grandma Lied Studios

Helen is a New York City-based designer running a small studio with her partner doing product design, illustration, and …

Product Designer

Hartley Miller Pinterest

Hartley is a design lead who enjoys making complex problems simple. She’s from Florida and that’s really all you need …

Product Designer

Linda Mcneil Mailchimp

Linda is a Designer and Animator based in Atlanta, GA. She currently works at Mailchimp as a Motion Designer on the …

Product Designer

Cassie Slack Shopify

Product Designer at Shopify in Ottawa. Writes about things learned, reads fiction, and draws dead things for fun. She …

Product Designer

Catherine Bui GitHub

Web designer and developer hanging out in Berkeley, California with a love for nature, and good Vietnamese food.

Product Designer

Milan Moffatt SuperHi

Milan is a lifelong learner leading all things design at SuperHi, an online code and design school for creative people. …

Creative Director

Jessica Strelioff Freelance

Jessica Strelioff is a creative director and designer running Strelioff & Co, a brand building practice passionate …

Graphic Designer

Franny Van Eyck Freelancer

A funky fresh graphic designer who clowns around in pixels and is mastering the art of rewriting code. Currently …

Graphic Designer

Mercedes Bazan Stripe

Mercedes is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in Dublin, Ireland. At the …

Product Designer

Ivy Mukherjee Shopify

Ivy is an Indian designer currently residing in Canada, working as a Product Designer at Shopify HQ, thriving to …

Product Designer

Danielle Morgan SWEEPR

Irish designer with a thing for coherency, making things with friends, the future and damn good incense.

Creative Director

Rina Miele Freelance

Creative Director and designer, living in the forest in New York. Sometimes she shoots photos of birds. No BS. Work …

Product Designer

Andrea Mata Ueno

Designer based in San Francisco. Specialized in digital design with roots in editorial and graphic design. She loves …

Product Designer

Natalia Piana Blinkist

Italian-born, Berlin-based product designer. She is an illustrator in her free time.

Product Designer

Dani Balenson Intercom

Dani is a designer currently kickin’ it at the Intercom Brand Studio in San Francisco, by way of Brooklyn and …

Product Designer

Alexandra Bond Robinhood

San Francisco-based designer of products & brands & teams. Illustrator sometimes. She probably likes you a lot, …

Product Designer

Elizabeth Lin Khan Academy

Elizabeth is a Product Designer at Khan Academy designing experiences for the classroom. When not designing, you’ll …

Product Designer

Erin Nolan Independent Contractor

Brooklyn-based digital product designer partnering with startups and large companies to understand user needs, test …

Product Designer

Jan Cavan Boulas Automattic

Jan is a Designer based in sunny Southern California. She currently designs for Automattic, makers of WordPress.

Product Designer

Maria Gonzalez Slack

Maria is a San francisco- based designer passionate about brand, patterns, and gifs. Her goal is to bring more branded …

Product Designer

Susan Lin Nava PBC

San Francisco re-based Product Designer and Artist. She combines her knowledge of usability, mixing colors, and …

Product Designer

Liz Wells Stink Studios

A user experience designer originally from the suburbs of Maryland, currently at Stink Studios in Brooklyn, NY. She …

Product Designer

Yesenia Perez-Cruz Vox Media

Designer, speaker, and writer based out of Philadelphia, PA. Passionate about increasing inclusivity in tech, designing …

Product Designer

Meg Lewis Ghostly Ferns

Designer who makes fun, friendly experiences for happy companies. Through fun talks and weird workshops, she’s is on a …

Product Designer

Melissa Mandelbaum Dropbox

SF-based product designer. She’s an architect by training who loves drawing parallels between architecture and product …

Product Designer

Sana Rao Deliveroo

A global citizen currently based in London, Sana leads the experience group at Deliveroo. She also loves drinking tea, …

Product Designer

Julie Chabin Product Hunt

Paris-based product designer/maker focused on building usable and lovable products for people. Addicted to Diet Coke …

Product Designer

Shanique Shields Broker Genius

NYC based designer who loves startups, obsessing over cats, and smiling a bit too hard. She also fancies helping …

Product Designer

Jeannie Huang Behance

New York City based designer who makes stuff for screens. Thinking everyday about how to empower people and build …

Product Designer

Catt Small Etsy

Product designer, game maker, and developer who was born and raised in the Bronx. She is interested in ways to increase …

Product Designer

Datrianna Meeks Spotify

Strategy consultant turned product designer who loves coffee, podcasts, and 90’s R&B.

Product Designer

Tara Mann Basecamp

A designer, humorist, and pop culture devotee. Loves useful products and sparkling water.

Art Director

Gabriela Iglesias Frog

Gabriela is a New York-based art director, digital experience designer, fashion history lover, art enthusiast and gif …

Product Designer

Cat Noone Iris

New Jersey-based designer, focused on building products with meaningful experiences and advocates for the little …

Product Designer

Helen Tran Shopify

Toronto-based product designer and hobbyist writer. She writes about the tech industry and surviving life as a creative …

Product Designer

Caylee Betts Swipies & Digital Ocean

New York-based all round designer who enjoys creating products and has an entrepreneurial flair.

Product Designer

Pamela Ale Lopez Scotiabank

Based in Toronto, Pamela is a Chilean multimedia designer and Product Design Lead at Scotiabank. She combines her love …

Art Director

Isabel Moranta Locomotive

Isabel is a Spanish digital designer based in Montréal, CA. She is currently an Art Director at Locomotive.

Graphic Designer

Sigiriya Brown Both

Designer and art director, co-founder of Both.

Product Designer

Teresa Man Superhuman

Teresa leads design at Superhuman. She is a Canadian transplant currently living in New York, and spends a lot of her …

Graphic Designer

Julia Kahl Slanted Publishers

Julia Kahl studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt before moving to Karlsruhe in …